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NY Sports Girls: No Explanations Necessary

Hi everyone! Do we really have to start another post with an explanation of where we’ve been and why we haven’t posted in awhile? How about we just skip that part and give you the goods. We know you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat for another NYSG post, and we’re so happy you didn’t give up on us! We’re back and better than ever, giving you the top headlines in sports, with a NY twist and some NYSG special sauce at no extra cost…bon appétit!



What does this have to do with Superbowl? Absolutely nothing, but they’re so cute!!!

So, if you’ve been hibernating this winter (much like we have) you may have forgotten that the Superbowl is coming up! Helllooooo, it’s like next weekend! While you’ve been snoozin’ away, huge, burly men with great athletic prowess have been kicking the shit out of each other and chasing a ball made of pigskin! ISN’T THAT AWESOME!? It’s called football.


Yeah, come on, you knew that!

This year marks the 48th Superbowl, otherwise known as Superbowl XLVIII (Roman Numerals -what’s up with that?), and takes place at none other than the Metlife Arena in East Rutherford New Jersey! While it’s been dubbed the NY/NJ Superbowl, unfortunately neither the Giants nor Jets will be representing either state in this year’s battle for the NFL Championship.

Instead, we’ve got the Denver Broncos representing the AFC and Seattle Seahawks representing the NFC in this year’s Superbowl smackdown. The teams are well matched and highly deserving of the game, as both represent the top seed in their conference. While the Broncos have the #1 rated offense, the Seahawks have the #1 rated defense in the league. Whaddaya’ think of that!?


Where do you think he got that popsicle? That’s pret-ty cool.

The game starts at 6:25pm and temperatures will likely be frigid, as they have been the past few weeks (months?) across the tri-state area. The Polar Vortex shouldn’t be an issue for either team though, as both are used to playing in chilly conditions. We’re not sure they’ve had the pleasure of playing in an ice tundra where your tears turn into icicles – but I guess we’ll find out if they can hack it!



Who is our pick for the Superbowl Champions? While the Seattle Seahawks are technically the underdogs of this year’s Superbowl – they’ve never won a Superbowl, and the spread is slightly in favor of the Broncos – this in no way means they will lose to the statistically marginally better team. First and foremost, the word to note is “marginal,” the Seahawks in fact opened the Superbowl with odds slightly better than the Broncos before a final shift move the Broncos ahead. Secondly, the underdogs have gone on to win four of the past six Superbowls. So many, and rightfully so, are picking the Seahawks as the winning team.

With that being said, we think the Broncos will still prove to be the top team, and will go on to beat the Seahawks in this year’s final football match. It will undoubtedly be a close and exciting game, but the Broncos’ QB Peyton Manning will go on to conintue to prove his worth as league MVP and win this year. Also, the Broncos’ Wide Receiver Eric Decker is really hot. So they’ve got that going for them.


like, very hot.

(H/T: Bleacher Report)

2. Yankees Sign Japanese Ace Masahira Tanaka

With 3rd baseman Alex Rodriguez suspended for the entire 2014 season (162 games total), due to allegations that he utilized illegal performance-enhancing drugs, the Yankees are not only relieved of their used-to-be star player, but also about $25 million that they can now use to woo other players to the team.


Ya live and ya learn kid

A-rod, despite his history with the pin-stripes, likely won’t be missed too much this season. The 3rd basemen who is not only 39 this year (gettin’ up there), also rehabbed much of last season from his 2nd hip surgery. Who knows what kind of condition he’ll return in!

With All-star Derek Jeter also entering potentially his last season with the Yankees, the team’s off-season recruits will be important in shaping the future history of our beloved Yankees.


One of the biggest new recruits is pitcher Masahira Tanaka. Hailing from Japan, Tanka is only 25 but holds a lot of promise for the New York Yankees - and has Derek Jeter’s stamp of approval too. With a $175 million contract on the books, the scouting department must have a whole lot of confidence in him too.

The Yankees are known to be big-spenders in the off-season. So let’s just hope they’re high-rolling pays off on the field.


You know what always cheers me up? Rolled up aces over kings.

(H/T: ESPN & NY Daily News)

3. Melo Smashes Records With 62 Points

On January 24th, 2014 the NY Knicks faced off against the Charlotte Bobcats, for what was supposed to be another mediocre game from the Knicks. 

If you’ve been following the Knicks at all this season, you already know they’ve been pretty lack-luster. But Friday night, the Knicks shined brightly crushing the Bobcats 125 to 96 and breaking their recent 5 game losing streak.



And almost half of those points belonged to Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks’ forward scored a 62-point career high, to break both the MSG and franchise current records.

It was a pretty amazing sight to see, with Melo’s laser focus launching half court baskets and buzzer-beater swishes, Melo was on fire.


"Just to see everybody smiling once again, that’s what I was more excited to see," Anthony said. "Guys on the bench smiling, high-fiving, having fun once again, that’s the only thing I care about."

Hopefully Melo’s attitude, focus and momentum can propel the Knicks back to a winning season.


4. The Olympics: Moments That Defined 80s Babies

With the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi just around the corner, we thought it would be nice to take a trip back down memory lane to some of the most defining Winter Olympic moments of our generation. Join us:


Do you believe in miracles? In 1980, a rag-tag team of mostly US collegiate hockey players, beat the soviet power that dominated the hockey world. They went on to win gold against Finland in what called a miracle on ice.


A few weeks before the 1994 Winter Olympics, U.S. figure skater Nancy Kerrigan was clubbed on the right knee in an attack orchestrated by fellow skater Tonya Harding’s ex-husband. The injury was serious enough that she chose not to compete, paving the way for Harding to win the gold medal.


At the 1998 Winter Olympics, figure skater Tara Lipinski, then 15, narrowly beat Michelle Kwan to win the gold and became the youngest champion in an individual event in the history of the winter Olympics.


The 2002 Winter Olympics were the first Olympics since September 11th, and were held in Salt Lake City.  During the opening ceremony, the flag that flew at Ground Zero was carried in remembrance.

We’re looking forward to 2014 in Sochi, and are most excited for the half-pipe, Ice-hockey, and down-hill skiing. Good luck to all the athletes participating


NY Sports Girls: Take 2 

Okay, so we know you’ve missed us. There is a face of the earth and we just completely, like, fell off it. Yikes! Any-who, instead of boring you with all the lame details of where we’ve been hiding for the past coupla’ months, let’s just jump right into it shall we? NY Sports Girls 2.0 officially launches right this very second, and not a moment to spare friends…



1. The Knicks Aren’t Doing So Hot

Ye. Not good. The New York Knickerbockers have had a tough start to the 2014 season. As of Tuesday, November 19th, the team is ranked 4th in the Eastern Conference. Just ahead of that other NY team, the Brooklyn Nets, who rot in 5th. Great. 


Yeah, it’s that bad 

At any rate, both teams have a lot of catching up to do and need to change their tune if they expect to do anything of interest this season. Like, you won one game? KEWL, my kid brother could run circles around you!! You call yourself professionals?! We don’t pay you millions of dollars to LOSE.  For crying out loud people, we look like a bunch of Urkels out there!


Did I do that???? 

Overall, the Indiana Pacers sit in 1st, followed by Portland Blazers in 2nd and the Golden State (aka San Fran) Warriors in 3rd. Who woulda thought?! Come on East coast step up your game!

Anyways, with the lackluster performance we’ve seen from the Knicks so far, it’s no shock there have been trade rumors swirling around, including Shump going to the Nuggets. SAY IT AINT SO!


Wrong nuggets — sorry we know that was a terrible joke

Maybe it will all turn out to be like that Drake song “started from the bottom, now we here.” 


Or not

(H/T: Bleacher Report)

2. The Giants Are Doing Slightly Better Than the Knicks

But not by much. Okay, that was WAY harsh Tai. The Giants may have had a rocky start, they only lost the first 6 games of the season… but hey! They have certainly upped the ante over the past couple of weeks by winning the last 4 games in row. Woohoo!


Just call em’ butter, cause they on a ROLL…sorry again, terrible

Sticking to what’s relevant, the Giants won their most recent match-up this past Sunday against Greenbay. And hopefully there is no slowing them down. But the true test of the GMEN “comeback” will be this Sunday in their rematch against the Dallas Cowboys.


For obvious reasons

The Giants, who lost in their season-opener against Dallas, say they are different team from when they began and that this game will ultimately have a different outcome.

Let’s hope that’s true and that they can keep up the momentum to beat Dallas on Sunday, and more importantly, to become a real contender in the NFC East this season.


Okay, that’s kind of funny though 

(H/T: Daily News)

3. The Rangers Are Doing…

Hold on need to go check that stat. Fact checking is VERY important to us. Cause remember, the NY Sports Girls ARE JUST LIKE YOU.

Honestly, we don’t have much to say about this team right now. Some peeps are injured, per usual. Lundqvist is saving the game - literally. But to be honest, things feel kind of meh, which is neither here nor there.



We suppose that’s better than an absolutely terrible season right? But actually, an exciting season would be nice! Dare we say, a winning season?

As Rangers fans, we lost a lot of hope after last years abomination - but we never completely gave up faith.


Blue steel. He’s still a fox. 

We’re just gonna call a spade a spade, and say…it’s feeling a little off for NY Sports teams in general right now. 


Called it.

 The season’s still early though - we have a feeling it’s going to pick up!! GO BLUEEEEE.

(H/T: NY Daily News)

Week 23: This Week in Sports!

Hi guys and gals,

We thought we’d try something a little different this week than our usual post. Normally, we write lengthy blog posts that we are sure you read straight through from beginning to end. But this week, we’re shaking it up (think Polaroid) and are giving you the top NY sports headlines in…get this…pictures

We hope you enjoy!!! Bee-tee-dubs, how are your Fantasy League’s looking? We’ll be at Side Bar in NYC this Sunday for the games and hope to see some fellow fans out and about!!

XOXO, NY Sports Girls

1. Alabama beat Texas A&M this past Saturday


Alabama has only been beaten 5 times in the past 4 years. Once by Texas A&M, who was hoping to produce another upset this year…


But with no such luck…


The “Aggies” lost 49-42 to the No.1 ranked Alabama


Oh Snap!

Whose up next to play the No.1 College Football team in the country?


Colorado State, plays ‘Bama this Saturday 9/21. They’re currently ranked 98th


Should be another close one!

2. The Giants Lost to the Bronco’s in the Year’s First Bro Bowl


Eli & Peyton are two super-tight brothers, whose Dad Artie also played in the NFL


This past Sunday, the two brothers faced off against one another; Peyton the QB for the Broncos, and Eli for the Giants


The Giants lost 41-23


Yeah that sucks….

Who do the Giants play next?


they face off this Sunday, 9/22, against the Carolina Panthers


Cam Newton is the starting QB for North Carolina


He hasn’t scored Renee a lot of fantasy points this season, so she’s sad…


Annnnnnnnnnnd no one cares.

3. Yankees Closer, Mariano Rivera, Played His Final Game At Fenway Park


There Has Been a long standing Rivalry between the NY Yankees & the Boston Red Sox..


But this past Sunday, all grudges were put aside to honor Mariano Rivera’s last game at Fenway Park


They gave him some cool gits


And even the crowd gave him a standing ovation


 He gave Fenway something in return….


Awww!! What a special MO-ment!


And even though the Red Sox swept the Yankees during the weekend series


And Manager Joe Girardi is PISSED


And the Yankees are likely not going to the World Series is this year


We still love them!

4. Meet Three More Ladies from the NY Sports Girls Fantasy Football League


Meet Hënd

What’s she most excited about this football season: Drinking more beers and potentially learning a little more about footballl

Whose her favorite team: The Jets (though she hears that’s not a popular choice these days)

What makes her a NY Sports Girl: She’s our BFFAE, a hard-core New Yorker, a stunner in her stunners, a freakin bad-ass betch - whose life motto is to work hard and party harder - and an all around amazing person and friend. Super exotic, super classy, super fab at everything. She  is a power-house princess. 


Meet Tess

What’s she most excited about this football season: This is the first football season Tess has committed to follow from the beginning. Her interest in football has been growing recently and she’s catching  the NFL fever some of her friends have

Whose her favorite team: Gotta Go Giants. She’s feeling a big comeback this season!

What makes her a NY Sports Girl: She’s a New Yorker who has been reading NY Sports Girls from day one. She is a classy, creative and confident chicka who chills with the NYSG on the reg. No question about it, Tess is ballin babe!! She graduated from Columbia and works in the editorial department for UrbanDaddy in NYC. 


Meet Korin

What’s she most excited about this football season: This is Koko’s first year in a fantasy league, and she thinks it definitely makes watching the games more exciting

Whose her favorite team: The NY Giants!

What makes her a NY Sports Girl: Besides physically residing in New York (as Renee’s roommate no less), Korin is NY Sports Girl because she kicks ass like her favorite teams!  In her own words: “No really, New York sports teams get a lot of hate from all over, just like the residents of this fine city, and we are all the better for it. ” Obviously Korin is super model status and super smart status. She graduated with a Masters from Columbia, and currently works in research at Mt. Sinai.LOVE HER SOOOO MUCH :)

That about wraps it up for this week!! SEE YA LATERRR!


Week 22: The Mississippi Sports Guys Meet the New York Sports Girls

It’s a tale of two cities: Jackson, MI & New York, NY. An unlikely pair brought together in the name of sports. A beautiful friendship begins… 


Doug & Jay meet Sheri & Renee!

This past Friday, we the NY Sports Girls, were invited to participate in our first ever live radio interview in none other than the great state of Mississippi. At the wee hour of eight o’clock in the morning, we sat in our tiny little NYC apartment to prep for the final moments before our big debut.  We reviewed our notes: Would Eli Manning, an Ole Miss alum, take the NY Giants all the way this year? Do the Jets have any redeeming qualities this season? Is Chris Bosh really the ugliest athlete in sports? These were the questions we anticipated and pined over, still unsure of what was to come.


whatchu lookin’ at chump!

And then the moment came, we dialed in to AM620 in good ole Jackson, Mississippi, and breathed heavily while waiting for our introduction… “And now we have some new guests, the NY Sports Girls (wild applause)”

The rest was pure bliss. We chatted with the hosts of Mississippi Sports This Morning, Doug and Jay, about all things NY. From Tom Coughlin and The Giants, to Geno Smith and NY Jets (brief mention of Sanchez but quickly moved on). Plus, we had to gush over our favorite new friend: Regis Philbin.


Should we change the name of the blog to The Rege Fan Page?

It was a great success and we had so much fun! Big thanks to Doug & Jay and the entire group at Mississippi Sports This Morning on AM620. We can’t wait to be back on the show for round two!

First it was cupcakes with Rege, now it’s radio interviews with Doug and Jay — ESPN you want on in on the franchise?! Call us. 

Now for the headlines…

1. Are Khloe And Lamar Donezo?



Ugh we really hope not. We’ll be the first to admit we watch Keeping Up with The Kardashians (judge us) – as long as it doesn’t conflict with our regular sports viewing programs – and are honestly shocked and heartbroken over the recent news surrounding Lamar Odom’s possible drug problem and the unraveling marriage with his wife Khloe. It’s safe to say, Khloe definitely has the most spunk and sass of all the Kardashians (we like that) and her marriage with Lamar seemed to be the real deal: they acted like they were in love. And we still believe they are. But sometimes love gets clouded by situations that spiral out of control…like this one.



Lamar, who was recently arrested for a DUI is also reported to have a more serious drug problem. While the facts are still unclear, the tabloids cannot get enough of this story. Lamar, a professional NBA player, has been struggling professionally since his stints with the Lakers and Clippers, a situation which undoubtedly has contributed to his troubles. Call us optimists (cause we are) we are sure that none of this can be easy on the couple, but we believe there is a positive outcome for them both!


So adorbs

Here is a piece from Sports Illustrated, which captures the highs and lows of Lamar Odom. His struggle both personally and professionally, and the uncertain path ahead of him:

"The happiest Laker is one whose father was addicted to heroin; whose mother died of colon cancer when he was 12; who attended three high schools; had his first college scholarship revoked before the fall of his freshman year; became a subject of three college investigations; declared for the NBA draft; tried unsuccessfully to pull out of the draft; was picked by arguably the worst franchise in sports; violated the league’s antidrug policy twice within eight months; and, after finally getting his life together, went home to New York City for an aunt’s funeral and wound up burying his 6 1/2-month-old son, Jayden, then getting robbed at gunpoint."

We support Lamar on his road to recovery and wish the couple all of the best.

(H/T: Sports Illustrated & Fox Sports)

2. JR Smith has been suspended from the Knicks for 5 games

What is up with that? Not to bring such somber stories to the NY Sports Girls blog this week, but daaaaaaaaaaaang really? The Knicks’ J.R. Smith was suspended for five games by the NBA for violating the league’s and union’s anti-drug program, the NBA announced on Friday.


So tough

Although, Smith did not test positive for PEDs (thank GOODNESS) he did test positive for Marijuana.  Smith’s suspension will begin during the first regular season game he is eligible to physically play (he is currently healing from a knee injury).

Smith is no stranger to strife in the NBA, he has been suspended for a total of 17 games for numerous violations including a reckless driving charge that resulted in a death of a passenger. Not cool.



Smith recently stated he is 100% positive the Knicks will end their 40 year championship drought this year. Well dude, that ain’t gonna happen if you ain’t playing so grow up peter pan and get your S#!T together! For Pete’s sake!!! 

(H/T: NY Daily News)

Moving right along…

3. Meet the Ladies of the NY Sports Girls Fantasy Football League


Whose Who?

Yes, its really happening. The NY Sports Girls have a Fantasy Football League which will undoubtedly be the greatest league in the history of the nation. It will be interesting – is that the right word? – yes, interesting to see how the season unfolds. We wanted to take a brief moment to introduce some of the legendary ladies in our league, our entourage if you will, who are going to bring some serious hilarious stories to the blog this season. 

This week’s introductions are two ballin’ babes who, in their own words, bring some balance and good ole fashioned rivalries to the NYSG. Because really, what is sports without a little competition?

Meet Gabby:


Do you even Snapchat Bro????

Fantasy Team Name: G-MONEY (for obvious reasons)

What’s she looking forward to most this Football Season: Killin’ it in Fantasy (we’ll see about that G-MONEY)

Who’s her favorite Football team: The Patriots

What Makes Her a NY Sports Girl: Gabby is cooler than pretty much…anyone. She and Renee both attended Boston University together where they were roommates and bartenders at some of the local sports hot spots including Cask and Flanagan in Fenway Park and McGreevys 3rd base saloon.  She is a quintessential Boston Sports Fan and brings some serious sass to the NYSG crew. She’s successful, fierce, intelligent, gorg and funny so clearly she fits in well. 

Meet Tarrah:



Fantasy Team Name: Te’o’s Girl

What’s she looking forward to most this Football season:  cheering on her players while spending time with all the girls. And of course talking a little smack as well!

Whose her favorite football team: The Chargers. GO BOLTS!

What Makers Her a NY Sports Girl: She’s an east meets west kinda girl. Hailing from San Diego, Tarrah balances the crew by supporting anything and anyone west coast. Like Gabby and Renee, Tarrah is also a BU alumni. All three gals graduated from the College of Communications and kill it in their careers. Tarrah, is a successful, savy and sultry lady who adds the perfect dynamic to the NY Sports Girls. We love her spunk!!

Let’s hear it for the girls!!! Stay tuned for more introductions to this League of Ladies right here.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know….

4.  The NY Yankees Are Not Going to Win the World Series


We’ve been so busy with Regis, radio talk shows and pretending we’re famous that we almost forgot …it’s almost MLB playoff season! This has been the longest, steroid-filled regular season ever and quite frankly, we’re sick of it!  Can’t it just start already?


“Hurry up batter, It’s gonna be a short game and I gotta get home for lunch”

We would like to think that it’s going to be 1996 all over again: Atlanta Braves vs NY Yankees.  If anyone remembers that series 14 years ago, pretty sure we were in diapers, the Yanks roasted the Braves. The last time the Braves won the World Series was 1995. But the Braves have been on fire since the beginning of this season and are currently in first in their league. Pretty sure we predicted this a few weeks ago…we’re never wrong!

So who’s going to the ship? Not looking good for our boys.

Unfortunately Yanks have slipped into 4th place and are 11 games behind the rivaled Red Sox. IA playoff appearance is not looking too promising, but they could still clinch the Wild Card spot (fingers crossed).  That’s if all goes well this week…But before we jump into that, here is a recap of this weekend’s series against the Sox to get you up to speed: 

In Friday nights disaster of a game, the Yankees blew their 6th inning 8-3 LEAD against the Sox and kind of embarrassed themselves. As one Yankees Facebook Fan puts it: “Get ridda them all!!” 

Ichiro missed a grand slam fly ball last Friday that cost the Yanks their lead.  See below for a comparable reenactment:


And Saturday wasn’t  much better. Jeter was taken out of the game early due to an injury, of course, and the Yanks couldn’t pull through without him.  

According to Girardi "The bottom line is we have to pitch better, because we are scoring some runs. We have to figure out how to get them out." Sorry can you speak into my good ear? Been saying that for centuries!

The Yankees finally put on a show Sunday and won the last game of an embarrassing series. Here’s the play by play that got the win: Soriano was up at bat with Ichiro on third.  Then came a wild pitch by Jon Lester that went right over Boston Red Sox catcher’s glove. Ichiro was like a kid in a candy store sprinting to steal home plate while the catcher scrambled for the ball. Yanks ended up winning 4-3. 


"Love me now?"

Sunday’s win gives the Bombers a little UMPH for this week’s series against the Baltimore Orioles. With both teams tied for third in the division and both fighting for the Wild Card, these games are going to be crucial for the Yanks.  

Come on, Boys! Renee and Sheri would really like to be enjoying a Nathan’s hot dog, fries and cocktails in the Bronx mid-October! Go kick some bird butt this week. 


Welp, see ya later!

(H/T: MLB)

The Yankees may have had it tough, but another NY team may have had it worse…

5. Hey Giants! You Suck! 

Sorry that was mean.

The Giants made a quick left onto Struggle Street after last night’s game against the Dallas Cowboys.  Let’s just say they did NOT run the Annexation of Puerto Rico to win the game, but instead threw two interceptions in the first 6 ½ minutes of the game, failed to make a touchdown after a 91-yard return down the field and turned the ball over 6 times. 


And just when Manning thought it couldn’t get any worse (and neither could we), he threw the ball straight into the arms of  Dallas cornerback Brandon Carr for a 49-yard interception return for a touchdown. 

And this misery continues… David Wilson, the Giants rookie running back, had two fumbles resulting in him being benched in the second quarter and not allowed to get up (you’re in time out!!!).

His start in next game is still up in the air…but, ugh we know he made two huge mistakes but we feel bad for him!!  Hakeem Nicks tried to cheer him up, "I was just telling him to keep his head up, he’s been down that road before," Nicks said. "Be ready to come back out and compete. But I was letting him know at the same time that we can’t have that right now. We’re on a big stage right now. With our goals for this season, we have to eliminate the turnovers."


Do we need to practice catching the ball with toilet paper? Let’s hope not. 

And now, for the some good news! Whoever had Victor Cruz on their Fantasy Football League gained some serious points last night and got to see three salsa dances! Cruz had three touchdowns Sunday night and enjoyed every second of them.


This salsa’s on fire

Listen.  We gotta give it to the Cowboys. They played a great game and Romo was on point from the very beginning. 36-31 is not terrible!  Maybe it was the Texas heat? Who knows but they better get it together for next week’s game against the Broncos.  A little bro vs. big bro action! Eli vs Peyton. 

(H/T: Newsday )

Week 21: Our Game is Tighter Than Our Spandex

If you read our blog or follow our instagram, you may notice something…different. That being, our tagline. For months we pondered in angst trying to come up with a clever and all encompassing tagline that would encapsulate the essence of who the NY Sports Girls truly are and what exactly we do. We’re two hilarious, clever, savy, sexy, sports lovin’, pop culture bloggin’ babes (who are also very modest). And man, coming up with a tagline was like trying to come up with a really good tweet, except instead of 140 words you get 8. So, after many long and sleepless nights of brainstorming, we finally settled on a tagline that we think cuts right to the chase: Our Game is Tighter Than Our Spandex.


What do you guys think?! Do you love it???? Well, let’s just say that our good friend Regis Philbin thought it was a riot and that’s all that really matters. Speaking of the Rege,  this past Sunday was our favorite hosts birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY REGE! 

We actually got to wish Regis a happy birthday in person (yes we hung out with him again). OFFICIALLY BESTIES. Gather round for another classic NYSG story session:

So last Friday, we thought it would be a kind gesture on our part to bring Regis and the crew at “Crowd Goes Wild!” cupcakes and a congratulatory card on wrapping the shows first week on Fox Sports 1. So, we bought 12 of NY’s finest cupcakes from Magnolia’s Bakery and made a beautiful handwritten note and marched our way over to the studio at Chelsea Piers. Feeling a little unsure of our decision, would they even let us in? We wondered if we should abandon our cupcakes on the side of the road and call it a day. 

But no, on we marched. Right up to the front door of the studio where we saw our good friends from 1iota, the audience production team for the show. They immediately recognized us, as did the security guard (what up Dom) and took us to the front of the line for another free viewing of the “Crowd Goes Wild.” We were squealing with delight at our good fortune, when an already amazing turn of events got even better.


The cupcakes were not abandoned

We look to the right and see none other than our friend from High School standing with a camera near the stage curtain. We couldn’t believe our eyes and blinked a few times before calling out to our friend. Next thing we know, she brings over the head of the production who offers to hand deliver the cupcakes to Rege’s dressing room before the show. We could hardly contain ourselves - our dream was coming true! 

The next thing we know his agent (or some guy who looks like his agent, who really knows) walks out and looks at us before saying “Oh yeah, the sports ladies! I remember you!” Then the producer comes running back out and asks us to write our address on a note so the Rege could send us a thank you card. We can’t make this stuff up. Do you think he’ll invite us to lunch? We hope so!

Needless to say, 2 hours and 50 dollars later, the Rege’s agent is packing the cupcakes up in Rege’s escalade and we’re getting smooches on the cheek from Rege, “you girls are the best MWAH!”

We’re like two 12-year-olds at a Justin Bieber concert so please just let us relish in the glory of our Regis encounters.

And now, for the this week’s top sports headlines (in our opinion).

1.  Google is Trying to Buy the Rights to Broadcast NFL Games on Youtube

Hold the phone – this is some futuristic business! With DirecTV’s package expiring in a year, Google is in early talks with the NFL to buy the “Sunday Ticket Package.” If this deal were to go through, the internet company would then have the ability to broadcast all out of town games on Youtube. This buy would represent the first of its kind, and it’s safe to say it won’t come cheap either.



What does a company like Google want with a small U.S. based sports league anyways? They’re a global company right? Well, the buy would not only be huge for the U.S. market, but could also mark a crucial turning point in Google’s ambitions to do anything TV related moving forward. It would also set a precedent for other TV based programs to migrate to the digital world – pretty exciting stuff! Sorry, us super nerds are totally geeking out over here.

Well, how does the NFL feel about it? They’re reportedly very open to the idea of a non-traditional outlet coming in as “over-the-top” providers. Cha-ching!


“They’re either going to run the ball here or their going to pass it.”

As for us, we’re sure there will be some sort of subscription buy-in still required by the consumer. But there also may not be. There is no reason the service provided by Google couldn’t be free, and function as any traditional broadcast network or even Youtube itself currently functions:  generating revenue through advertising.

At the end of the day, we think this is a GREAT idea. NFL games could be accessible anytime, anywhere to anyone who has a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. That means more games for us and you this season. And we’re so into that. 

(H/T: BusinessInsider)

2. Natasha M. is This Week’s NY Sports Girl!

Holla-atcha girl! This week’s winner was an easy pick. Coming in hot is Natasha, an audience producer for Fox Sports 1 and avid NYSG fan member (well, we hope she is at least). We met Natasha when she ever so kindly reached out to us in regards to giving us tickets to the “Crowd Goes Wild!” After meeting Natasha in person, we just think she is simply fantastic!


Heeeeeey sexy lady

Here’s a little introduction to our foxy friend Natasha:

Favorite Team: New York Yankees (Duh)

Hometown: New York City (holla for dolla)

Favorite Player: Derek Jeter (oh hellzzz yes)

 Job Title: Audience Producer (winning)

Currently Living: New York City (hometown reppin)

Why she is an NYSG (in her own words):

“First and foremost, I am a NYSG because I am a born and raised NYC girl! As a young girl my father would bring me to all the sports games and my love for sports grew from there. Now my love for sports transitions into my work by being the 1iota Audience Producer at Crowd Goes Wild on Fox Sports 1! I get to hear about sports and see some of my favorite athletes five days a week. Come visit and show me your sports pride too (tickets are free) http://1iota.com/Show/311/Crowd-Goes-Wild

Want to know if you’re a NY Sports Girl? Check out our original post where we define what it means to be one of us! Think you’ve got what it takes to join our crew? Send us a message why you deserve this weeks NY Sports Girl or Guy to newyorksportsgirls@gmail.com. Who knows, maybe we’ll feature you next! 

 3. Rickie Fowler did NOT win the First Round of the FedEx Cup

But Adam Scott did!


So Hot

What is the Fedex Cup? Well, with a little help from Bleacher Report, let us explain:

The FedEx Cup is the trophy given to the player who accrues the most points in a progressive set of post-season playoffs. With a $10 million dollar purse, this isn’t a game a professional golfer wants to miss. Only 125 players qualify, and those players spend all season racking up points to get there.


Points are accrued in a number of ways. For winning a tournament, points awarded range from 250 to 600, depending upon the quality of the field in the event, with the majority of the events worth 500 and majors worth 600. Fewer points are also awarded to each player based on how they finish in the tournament. 

The goal is to be among the top 125 players in points at the end of the season in order to enter the playoffs.

The first round of play-offs begins at The Barclays in NJ, which happened this weekend. The tournament itself has 4 different events, with the final event culminating in September. Each event results with the pool of players getting smaller, and the resetting of points before the finals to create an even playing field.


And although Fowler did not win at The Barclays this weekend, he does win the best/worst dressed athlete award!

This brings us to our next segment…

"What Do Ricky Fowler & Jim Carey Have in Common?" (CUE Cheesy game show music)

Well nothing…until today…


Check Please!


Riddle me this, riddle me that


Alrighty then!





NY Sports Girls: Making Irrelevant Sports Connections Since 2012

(H/T: Bleacher Report)

 4. Bad News Bears: Japan Beats California 6-4

So does anyone know who wins the 3rd sequel of the Bad News Bears go to Japan? Because we’ve been sitting here for 3 hours trying to figure it out and still have no idea. 


"We lost 18 to nothin’ buttercrud, and the Athletics are the worst team in the league!"

Well in the real-life version of the movie that took place this Sunday, California lost to Japan in this year’s Little League World Series.


An uncanny resemblance

Those young studs put up a good fight, but ultimately fell to Japan who managed to secure the win with a double-play to end the game.


(H/T: CBS)

That’s all we got folks, !e hope you enjoyed this week’s post :) See ya next week! BYEEEEEEEEEEEE

Week 20: The Crowd Goes Wild For the NY Sports Girls



Come on, if this was photoshopped don’t you think we would have used a more flattering photo? Yes, what you see is a picture of Regis Philbin and the NY Sports Girls, taken at none other than Chelsea Piers in our lovely home of NYC.  Reeg, who is a phenomenal entertainer and host, took some time out of his busy schedule to chit chat with the NY Sports Girls after the taping of his new show “The Crowd Goes Wild,” airing on Fox Sports 1. And boy, did we go WILD for Regis. Even at 81, the man is a STUD.

Mr. Philbin (THE REEG) hosts the new show with a variety of characters including our personal favorites Katie Nolan, a former Guyism.com personality, and tennis player turned funny man, Michael Kosta. Joining them is NFL Pro-bowler Trevor Pryce, the lovely and talented Georgie Thompson, & WSJ columnist Jason Gay.


Dat Suit Tho <3

This motley crew invites you to tune in daily as they interview top athletes and cover a variety of trending sports stories — both big and small. Who knows, you may even see the NYSG up there one day! For pete’s sake, there is someone who lint roll’s Regis in between shoots — where do we sign up???


slightly more flattering

Interested in checking out a taping yourself? You can register via 1iota and score FREE tickets. Um, that’s like a no-brainer.

1. Who Really Runs NY? Knicks vs. Nets: a Rivalry to End All Rivalries or Just Plain Annoying? You Decide.

So, at the taping of the “Crowd Goes Wild” this past Friday, one of the topics covered was “top sports rivalries of all time.” Sure there are some classics: NY Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox, OSU vs. Michigan Football, the Mighty Ducks vs. the Hawks. All fine selections. But, what comes to our minds as the next big sports rivalry? We think it’s fair to say it’s the one brewing right here: The Knicks vs. Nets.


Do me a favor. Kick some Hawks butt.

Sure, you’ve heard about it. Celtics Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett loathed Carmelo Anthony and the NY Knicks long before joining the Brooklyn Nets. Now, the cross-town rivals have even more spite for one another. It’s the up-and-coming vs. the classic & timeless. And truthfully, it’s going to come down to what happens on the courts vs. off, that tells who really is the better team.


But you can bet your bottom dollar that isn’t stopping the chirps from both sides this off-season. The most recent coming from Paul Pierce. "Everybody knows how much I disliked the Knicks when I was with the Celtics, but I think it’s grown to another level," Pierce said on ESPN NewYork 98.7 FM. "I think it’s time for the Nets to start running this city.

Knicks’ Raymond Felton couldn’t disagree more. He fired back on Sunday saying, “They will never take over the city. Because we’ve got ‘New York’ on our chest. They’ve got ‘Brooklyn’ on their chest, and we’ve got ‘New York.’ They’ll never take over the city.


The rivalry, as good as it is in our opinion, is clearly getting on some people’s damn nerves. Take the NY Daily News blogger Frank Isola: “Best team in New York? Since when did they hand out a trophy for winning that title? The Nets have never won an NBA championship, and the Knicks haven’t won one since 1973, which feels like forever. Players from both teams need to aim a little higher.” LOL.


How ‘bout a nice warm glass of shut the hell up?

What’s our stance? The rivalry is good as long as it doesn’t hinder the teams from actually performing on the court. No more of  this “your wife tastes like honey nut cheerios” nonsense during the middle of a game. You are grown men!! And like we said, the game-time performance is going to be what really matters. So let the scoring do the talking. And remember, the surgeon general says it is okay to smoke the competition. BOOM.

(H/T: NY Daily News & ESPN)

2. The NY Sports Girls Create Fantasy Football League

OKAY THIS IS OBVIOUSLY A TOP SPORTS HEADLINE. But seriously, to the reader out there who maybe doesn’t know that much about the game, but wants to get more involved in the Sunday Funday action - our advice? Join a Fantasy Football League. Okay, so maybe you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about football. That’s fine. So do about 80% of the people in our league. And, how about the NYSG? Well, we’re definitely not experts…


But, like we said, that is TOTALLY KEWL. So rally some of your top dudes and/or babes and sign up online. We prefer the NFL.com for easy to follow rules and tips.

And dude CHILL. You can select an auto-draft so that you don’t have to actually pick you players! The computer randomly selects each team based on player’s pre-draft rankings so that all teams are weighted relatively fairly. Once you have more knowledge and understanding of how the game works and who your best assets are (based on different ways points are tallied), you can then make decisions on who to trade, which free agents to pick up, who you bench and who you start, etc.


What’s the best part? You can actually feel excited for every single football game that’s on, because most likely, one of your fantasy players could score you some serious points that day. SO GET INVOLVED! You won’t regret it.

3. Welcome to the Bronx Zoo!

Wait, what? That’s not a sports headline!! We mean Bronx Zoo as in the NY YANKEES (do not feed the animals). This whole A-rod scandal is seriously BANANAS. We’re so sick of talking about it….so we’re just NOT GOING TO.


feed me 

More important things to discuss: Mark Reynolds from the Cleveland Indians signed with the Bronx Zoo this past Thursday. He’s important because not only did he hit a HR on his first pitch EVER as a Yankee this weekend against the Red Sox, BUT he could help the Yanks clinch the Wild Card.  

Let us explain: according to MLB.com, “The top two Wild Card teams from each league make the postseason and play each other in a one-game playoff.” Basically, it’s like a pity card. It’s the league way of saying: we feel bad that you didn’t make the playoffs, so we’re going to give you one last chance. Don’t fuck it up.  This is going to be a long shot for the Yanks being that they sit in 6th in the wild card race.


Where does Reynolds come in to all of this? Well, since he-who-will–not-be-named ruined everything with his selfish antics, Reynolds can take over his position at 3rd base and save the day.

But he won’t do it alone. Another reason the Yanks could advance to the playoffs?  Remember when we were ranting and raving over Alfonso Soriano? Well this guy was ON FIRE this past week. According to our one and only source Bleacher Report “Alfonso Soriano thinks it’s the year 2002 and that he’s the 26-year-old hotshot second baseman for the New York Yankees.”

He tied the record for the most RBIs in a 4-game span, and joins the list of Yankees legends Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig and….we’ll stop there because that’s the only ones we know and the only ones you’ll know too :)

(H/T: NY Daily News & Bleacher Report)

4. NY Sports Guy of the Week: Steven Rhodes


Steven Rhodes just retired his fatigues after spending 5 years in the Marines. He wants to play on the Middle Tennessee State football team, but the NCAA says NO. What…in….the….

According to CBS Sports, “The rule essentially says that student-athletes that do not enroll in college within a year of their high school graduation will be charged one year of intercollegiate eligibility for every academic year they participate in organized competition.”
So basically if you played games in uniforms, kept score and had officials, then you have to sit out for a year before you can play again. So you’re tellin’ us that a guy that spends 5 years in the Marines risking his life every second of every day has to sit on the bench for a year because he played “military recreational football?”
Here’s what Rhodes has to say about that one: “Man, it was like intramurals for us. There were guys out there anywhere from 18 to 40-something years old,” Rhodes said. “This is extremely frustrating. I think it’s unfair, highly unfair.”
He’s currently challenging the whole situation and Middle Tennessee State is backing him 100%.
Thanks for all you’ve done for our country, Steven Rhodes! The NYSG have got your back too! 
(H/T: CBS Sports)

Week 19: Live With Regis & the NY Sports Girls!


What do Regis Philbin and the NY Sports Girls have in common? Currently nothing - but that’s about to change soon. This coming Friday, we scored two free tickets to Fox 1 new sports show “Crowd Goes Wild” hosted by none other than the boss man himself: Regis. Want to join the NYSG? You too can score free tickets to a viewing by signing up here: http://1iota.com/Show/311/Crowd-Goes-Wild. Don’t worry, you can thank us later!



Smile.You’ve still got something to be happy about. Even though those Sloppy Tuna summer nights are dwindling down, you know what they say, one door closes and another one opens. And what’s behind lucky door number 2? FOOTBALL SEASON.

That’s right. The glorious time of the year when the leaves are changing, the city is buzzing, the drinks are flowing and we’re having as much fun as a kid in a candy store.

So don’t let the end of summer get you down!! We’re waking up your weekdays with some pre-season pep talk. Now that’s a game-changer.


 Very Nice!

This past Saturday, the NY Giants opened their pre-season against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both teams are coming off of a disappointing 2012 finish, and are looking to make a fresh start and lasting impact as they each vie for a 2013 Superbowl Championship. We’re obviously partial to the Giants, who showed a promising future this Saturday when they defeated the Steelers 18 to 13. While the outcome of these games don’t count towards the regular season, they are important in establishing a rhythm for what’s to come.  

So what does a Giants win say to other teams exactly? “If you can’t run with the big dogs stay on the porch.” And that’s exactly what they did. The Giants ran the ball because Victor Cruz is still faster than you. Sorry we’re not sorry.


"I always have to have a six pack or twelve pack of Entenmann’s doughnuts in my house, no other brand.” - Victor Cruz

And how about the NY Jets? Well unfortunately the Gang Green didn’t have as positive of an outcome in their home opener against the Detroit Lions. They lost 26 -17 with QB Mark Sanchez throwing an interception that resulted in a touchdown. Did you expect anything different?

(H/T: Sports Illustrated & CBS Local)



"Except for Rodriguez, you’re all an insult to the game!"

Well, not quite this time. NY Yankee Alex Rodriguez faces a possible 211 game suspension for violating the MLBs drug policy. Which leaves us asking, are there any good guys left in Baseball? Tear flick.

With the weight of the impending decision on his shoulders, Arod’s debut this past Friday since coming off of 2012 injury was about as impressive as your ex-boyfriends dating game: pretty shitty. Rodriguez did redeem himself this Sunday against the Tigers hitting his first regular-season homer since Sept. 14, 2012. Ehhhhhhhhhh, we’re still not impressed. 


You lie like a sack of bricks

How are the Yankees looking otherwise? Let’s just say the chances of the Yankees winning the World Series are about as likely as the NYSG winning the World Series. Not very likely. The Yankees are currently 6th in the Wild Card standing and 4th in their division.

So, what is the early NYSG prediction? The Atlanta Braves win.  Why? They’ve had a 14 game win streak and we’ve never been wrong :)



Have you ever used that in a sentence? Neither have we until now! But according to Buzzfeed the REAL rationale behind the Atlanta Braves winning the World Series is due to a recently opened Waffle House at the Braves Stadium.

Leave it to Americans to chalk up a World Series win to a diner opening. Love this damn country!!! Remember that Braves winning streak we mentioned? The start coincides exactly with the opening of the Waffle House. Coincidence? We think not.


It starts with Waffle and ends with stomach-ache

Buzzfeed is known for its hilarious reporting style and entertaining lists. Here are two other winners they published this week that will be sure to have you in stitches:

4. Monday Morning Water Cooler Convo: Jason Dufner Won the PGA


You little son of a bitch ball! Why you don’t you just go HOME? That’s your HOME! Are you too good for your HOME? ANSWER ME! 

Here are the 3 most important things That you need to know about golf (in our opinion)

1. The PGA Championship took place all weekend. PGA stands for “Professional Golf Association” FYI. And FYI stands for “For Your Information,” LOL. And LOL stands for…okay, we’ll stop

2. A dude named Jason Dufner won

3. This reminds of a little something called Dufnering 

Okay, number 3 needs more of an explanation.  Back in March, Dufner was visiting a youth center in Irving, TX to speak at a luncheon. He was sitting in with students at the Salesmanship Youth & Family Centers and he looked absolutely MIZ. 


Here’s his tweet to explain his sad expression:

"What can I say? I was tired, my back hurt from sitting on the floor, and we were talking about relaxation and focusing.”

OK Duf.  
So…his golf mates started Dufnering.  Here’s Ricky Fowler, Bubba Watson and Rory McIllroy “Dufnering”. 



Like, can we please be friends with you guys? Guess his PGA win makes up for his once humiliating slouch. SERIOUS UPGRADE!

(H/T: Yahoo Sports)

Week 18: Not Real Life

A day in the life of a NY Sports Girl…..


Renee: So I overheard a great headline for NYSG this week.

Sheri: Oh yeah? Tell me.

R: Mike Piazza is retiring…some guys were talking about it in the elevator going up to the office. I was doing some undercover work. They said not many Mets fans even know about it. Little did they know who was listening in – the NYSG.

S:..I’m pretty sure Mike Piazza has been retired for like 7 years.

R: Has he? Oh shoot….wait, what?

S: (googling) yeah he’s been retired since 2007.

R:..but they definitely said Piazza was retiring in September! Or something..

S: Well he hasn’t played a game in over 6 years

R: (googling) oh,.. he’s getting inducted to the Hall of Fame! That’s what I meant.

S: Are you real life?


That’s a negative ghostrider

NYSG, fact-checking their sources since 2013

1. Forget Marty McFly, Alfonso Soriano is Back to the Future


Well maybe not the future per say, but our boy Alf (can we call him that?) has just been traded back to the NY Yankees! He was a member of one of the greatest rosters ever, the 1999 & 2000 Yankees, and joins the team now in 2013.


Renee was LUCKILY able to redeem her previously quoted mishap, with her recollection of the Yanks winning the Subway series in 2000 (fact).

“I remember sitting in Mr. Bianchi’s class in 7th grade with my Yankees/Mets Subways series T-shirt, ” says Renee. “It was almost as cool as my Hanson T-shirt which I wore underneath my sweatshirt not to let on that I was a die-hard MMMbop fan.”


mmmbop, dap-bah doo-woop shooby doo wop wop

Alf, is both a 2nd baseman and left-fielder who played with the NY Yankees for 5 seasons. His first ever hit in the MLB was a homer to give the Yanks a win over the Rays back in 99’.  Just to put things into perspective we were wearing baggy jeans, listening to boy bands & riding the school bus to summer camp. He finished in 3rd place for rookie of the year and let’s just say, this is kind of big deal.


Larry Fisher: Hey, kid! How’d you like to play for the Chicago Cubs?

Henry Rowengartner: Great! But I gotta ask my mom first.

But where is Alf going to play and who (if anyone) is he going to replace? Left Field is currently hosted by Vernon Wells and Robinson Cano is the main man holding down 2nd base. Our theory: retire the old bag o’ bones Arod and start Soriano on 3rd. We’ll keep ya posted!

(H/T: MLB)

2. Ryan Braun aka The Hebrew Hammer: Who is You?

First order of business: is he Jewish? Does he keep Kosher? If he doesn’t keep Kosher, then well…..we’re not sure. Was he Bar Mitzvahed? Did he go to shul? Okay, fine fine. The Hebrew Hammer it is.

But what’s all the fuss about the PEDs provided to him by Biogenesis of America? Are they Kosher?

Let us break it down for you. Simmer.

What’s a PED? The acronym stands for Performance Enhancing Drug.  Ya know, the stuff that kicked the butts of Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones, Barry Bonds and the list goes on.

What’s Biogenesis of America? Without going into too much detail, Biogensis of America is a place in Florida that specializes in weight loss and hormone replacement therapy.


Rut roh

What’s the catch (cue witty baseball reference)? Basically Braun’s name came up in  investigation of players possibly using PEDs. The investigation ultimately led to his suspension.

"I realize now that I have made some mistakes” said Braun. No Shit Sherlock.

Better start cooking those Matzo Balls.


(H/T: Fox Sports)

3.  Jacob Karam: What a DOLL

What a love is this guy!? He’s the QB for the University of Memphis and also a very good pianist if we’ve ever heard one. What’s not to love? OH but just when you thought it couldn’t get better, it does. He is also a very good Samaritan. Hello, Dream Boat!

A video of Karum playing piano for a group of kids at the St. Judes Research Hospital in Memphis, TN went viral last week. The video is soooo heartwarming and if you haven’t seen it, you should definitely take a moment to check it out here.


While he is playing, a little love named Breanna sits down next to him to sing along. Breanna is 11 years old and was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) on June 4, 2013. Her parents, not even realizing that Karam was a football player at Memphis, posted the video to facebook which then went viral.

"I still can’t believe he plays quarterback for Memphis," says Bree’s mom. "He never told us." Karam, who volunteers at St. Judes numerous times throughout the year, was also recently nominated to the 2013 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team, awarded each year to a handful of college football players for excellence in the community.  These two definitely win the NY Sports Girl & Guy of the Week! (Maybe year).


We love when sports guys show a more sensitive sign, especially an artistic charm like Karam. So needless to say, we’re totally #teamJacob.

(H/T: CBS Sports)

4. Knicks vs Nets: The Biggest Rivalry in Professional Sports?

Bigger than the Yankees vs Red Sox? Time will tell, as both teams make trades, sign some newbies, re-sign some oldbies and lace up their sneaks for summer training. It’s so exciting, and we (the NYSG) cannot wait for the season to begin! We would do just about anything to be front row at a Knicks vs Nets game this upcoming season….so if you’re looking for two dates, you know just where to find us.

But how do these teams really size up against one another? CBS Sports breaks it down for us, with a 1 to 1 match-up with players from both teams.image

Here is what we’re workin with…


  • Chandler (with his height alone) will out-rebound Lopez
  • Lopez doesn’t have the strength to defend Chandler
  • Advantage: Knick’s Chandler


  •   Don’t know who Bargnani is and that can’t be a good sign
  •  Bargnani won’t be able to guard KG
  •  Advantage: Brooklyn’s KG


  • Legendary matchup
  • Melo can hit pretty much any jump-shot he wants
  • Knicks’ Melo can out-rebound and out-score….clear advantage


  • Both are elite players
  • Johnson is an established threat, but Shump is on the rise
  • Shump needs more development.. so Brooklyn’s Johnson has the advantage (for now)


  • Williams is faster than Felton
  • He has more (newer) options on his side of the court
  • Advantage goes to Brooklyn’s Williams


  • Brooklyn has Jason Terry and Andrei Kirilenko…cool
  • Knicks have a lot of options that they can use outside of their starting five: J.R. Smith and Pablo Prigioni, Metta World Peace, and Amare Stoudemire
  • Advantage: Knicks

(H/T: CBS Local)

LET THE RIVALRY COMMENCE. We must defend our rightful throne as the one true heir of the 5 boroughs! KNICKS RULE


You know nothing Jon Snow

Week 17: We Built This City on NY Sports Girls

Hey babes! We are currently under the covers blogging. No, that’s not some goofy internet term or secret code for something cool and unusual. Quite literally, we are in the bed, under the covers, blogging. For one, it’s cold in Renee’s bedroom from the AC on “power ranger” mode. And two, well, let’s just say that last night didn’t end until the sun was coming up. Never mind that the night usually ends with the sun coming up, but we mean OUR night. It’s 7:30pm on a Sunday evening and we are still nursing our hangovers. Legendary form? Or just two 20-something-year olds who can’t hack it like they use to? Probably a combination of both. 


Statler & Waldorf are all WTF??

Now for what you came for…

1. Yankees Shmankees: Whose Hurt, Whose Back and Who Cares

Just when you thought all hope was lost…thank goodness! Derek Jeter is back! Wait..he’s not back?? Is this some sort of sick joke? WE ARE NOT AMUSED. According to the boys at Bleacher Report (a vital source) after missing the first 91 games of the 2013 season with an ankle injury, our shortstop DJ returned to action with the NY Yankees on July 11th. The return was short lived however, as Jeter suffered a recent quad injury and has now been placed back on the 15 day disabled list. Omg, what a tease!


Good Lord, he is hot though…look at the bone structure!

A-rod, who is scheduled to return this Monday after also being out of play since the beginning of the season, will hopefully  last at least the full week before being put back on the DL. He may not be the A-rod we remember (and hopefully he won’t be the A-rod from last year who STUNK), but he may at least bring some intimidation to the line-up. 


Very intimidating

The team needs all the help it can get, as The Yankees currently sit in 4th place in the AL East. Get well soon Jeter! Your girls need you!

(H/T: Bleacher Report)

2. Metta World Peace Joins the NY Knicks

The man formerly known as Ron Artest says farewell to LA Lakers to join the 2013-2014 New York Knicks. A very wise choice indeed. Curious about his chosen name? World Peace officially changed his name on September 16th, 2011 in an effort ”to inspire and bring youth together all around the world.” 


Metta is a traditional Buddhist word that means friendliness and loving kindness towards all

About his decision to come to the better NY team, World Peace (love saying that name) hilariously tweeted “Where Brooklyn at?” and had some other great soundbites from a recent story ran on ESPN. Here is another one of our favorites:

"I don’t care if I’m starting, or sweeping the floors. You hear me? I want to win." Spoken like a true competitor.


Pretty badass

World Peace had also expressed interest in playing for the Clippers or heading overseas to Shanghai. But feels strongly about his decision to stay stateside and to join the Knicks.

"Being in my prime, I think China would have been very inspirational," he said. "But then you get back to that orange and blue and you know that orange and blue blood, you’ve got to come back home. You’ve got to come back home." 

Dude, SAME. 

(H/T: ESPN )

3. Laila is the NY Sports Girl of the Week!

Habibi on the right!!

Laila totally steals the show as this week’s NYSG! For one, look at her. The girl is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. But she’s also really fun, extremely intelligent and ambitious. Sounds like a NY Sports Girl if we’ve ever heard one!

Laila, who is a super saucy Morrocan princess, is also a producer on National Geographic and a huge NY Sports fan. She was just spotted in the Hampton’s sporting her fave NY Yankees hat and looked super cute (per usual). She is a close personal friend of the NYSG and has offered to put her film and production expertise to good use: the first NY Sports Girl Video Episode coming soon to a youtube channel near you! Get ready :)

4. Getting to Know Mets Pitcher, Matt Harvey

Here are 10 things to know about Matt Harvey…

  1. Pitches for the Mets (that other NY baseball team)
  2. He’s 24 (just a little guy)
  3. He went to UNC Chapel Hill (hopefully he retained some southern gentlemanly qualities when he was there)
  4. He grew up in CT (that’s nice)
  5. He’s a Rangers fan. And is BFF with our BFF Hendrik Lundqvist.  And while his regular crew includes Rangers players like Lundqvist and Brian Boyle, Harvey mostly hangs with finance and marketing guys in their twenties and thirties (cool) 
  6. He’s not totally single (we don’t think). He’s been spotted with super hot model Anne Vylitsyna (jealous)
  7. He’s drop dead gorg. And has very worldy aspirations to be on all the best dressed lists. One of his favorite stylists? John Varvatos.
  8. He lives in NY and was dubbed the “Dark Knight of Gotham” by Sports Illustrated (bad ass)
  9. He fucking loves this city – and so do we
  10. He bros out in his hood: The East Village (let the stalking commence)

(H/T: Mens Journal)

Week 16: The Girls are Back in Town

We’ve gotten a lot of nasty and upset requests from many of our fans asking: “Are you gonna do another sports girl post!?” The answer is: DUH. We’ve been very, very busy.



First we were in Nantucket for Figawi where we saw not a single sail boat the entire time we were there. Then we begrudgingly went to Fire Island for a long weekend where we were practically forced to relax and sip cocktails all day. Next were going to the HampTONES pretty much against our will…you get the picture. But we’ve got a post that screams “we’re back and better than ever!!!”

1. Tortorella Fired as the NY Rangers Head Coach; Vigneault to Take HIs Place 


Welp, see ya later Torts! Guess all that “fire Torts!” chanting paid off! John Tortorella was officially fired by the Rangers this past week for his less than stellar coaching performance this past hockey season. Many fans have put a lot of blame on him for the team’s shortcoming in what was supposed to be a Stanley Cup season, and are more than happy to see him go. Lucky for Torts, tarnished reputation and all, the Vancouver Canucks saw some sparkle left in the old man’s eyes and decided to give him a go as their new head coach. As Grandma Kimmel says, “Good riddance to bad rubbish!”

In what may prove to be a very interesting turn of affairs, Torts is taking the place of Alain Vigneault who will be the new head coach of none other than…the NY Rangers! Vigneault was the “winningest” coach in the history of the Canucks. But when it comes to NY, Vigenault say’s "There’s no better place than here to win a Stanley Cup."


Trading Spaces

The two coaches have very different styles and approaches to the game, and it will be good to have fresh leadership on the NY Rangers. 

(H/T: ESPN & ABC News)

2. Jason Kidd is the New Coach of the NY Nets


Wow wow wow Miss Lippy! Talk about a switch-up. Jason Kidd has officially retired as a professional basketball player for the NY Knicks. And do you know what his new job is? Coaching the NY Nets. Who woulda thought!? The NY Sports Girls are not big fans of Kidd’s personal choices over the years, but it is definitely a spectacle that he will be coaching our cross-town rivals.

 Who are some of the new faces playing under Kidd next season? Former Celtics and Knicks’ nemesis Kevin “KG” Garnett & Paul Pierce are saying adieu to the Beantown Boogie and making there way over to big bad BK. The Knicks vs. Nets will be a must-see game this season. And we can’t wait to see how things heat-up between KG & Melo now that they’re practically neighbors. This should make for some serious entertainment value! And should score you some serious points with your boyfriend if you can grab some tickets.



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3. The Chicago Blackhawks Won the Stanley Cup

Okay, bear with us. For our not-so-novice readers you’re probably scratchin’ your heads thinking “ya kidding me bro?” We know, for some of you this may be old news. But you would be surprised how many people do not know A) What sport the Stanley Cup is B) When it happened C) Who was in the finals D) Where Chicago is on a map and E) Who won this year. So let us enlighten you. The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup finals against the Bruins in an amazing OT win – :59 seconds left in the period to be exact. The Stanley Cup is the equivalent of the World Series in Hockey, It happened a few weeks back & Chicago is mid-west on a map.


Winner, winner

Don’t believe us when we say a lot of people don’t know the basics of sports news? Watch this clip from Jimmy Kimmel called “Lie Witness News” where a bunch of “fans” talk about the LA Lakers in the NBA Finals. Too bad they were out the first round! So fear not, that’s why you’re here reading this blog. To learn a little about sports, from two people who don’t even pretend to know what they’re talking about. We fully admit it!



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4. James Collins Shows his Pride

Happy Pride! DOMA knocked down! We love it! Hiiiiiigh five. What’s that got to do with sports? We’ll tell ya.

Back in April, NBA player Jason Collins made history in as the first male athlete in a major professional sport to come out as gay. He then marched in the 2013 Boston Pride Parade on alongside his former Stanford University roommate, Congressman Joe Kennedy (D-Mass) in a day both deemed unforgettable.


It is so freakin’ cool to be part of a generation that stands up for and acknowledges the rights of LGBTQ. It’s especially great to see this in the sports world, a typically uber-masculine arena. For athletes to be able to talk about their sexuality in a way that honors them both within and without their sports community, is pretty rad. One day, it will be so normalized that hopefully it won’t even phase any of us who’s sexual preference is what, and it’s men like the Collins who take the first step. 

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5. Cashman to Rodriguez: GO AWAY! 

Sit down and the shut the hell up! Says Brian Cashman (in a nutshell).

If you have at least read ONE of our posts you would know that A-Rod has been out of play for the NY Yankees since the beginning of the season.  But the other day, A-rod broke the silence on his impending return with a not so subtle tweet to the masses of the interweb.

 Tweet: "Visit from Dr. [Bryan] Kelly over the weekend, who gave me the best news - the green light to play games again!”


What chu talkin’ bout Willis?

 Well what did GM Brian Cashman have to say about that? “Awesome! Love ya A-rod!” Nope. In an interview with ESPN Cashman said the following: “You know what, when the Yankees want to announce something, [we will],” Cashman told ESPN New York. “Alex should just shut the (expletive) up. That’s it. I’m going to call Alex now.”


Simmer down na!!!

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